BiTSR video chat and screen sharing – the most authentic, interactive and personal way to communicate.

BiTSR gives you the best one-on-one and group video chat experience, and more: recording and watching videos, screen sharing, private and public rooms, “Saying Hi” to your friends with recorded Personal Video Messages, texting and DMs, and instant and scheduled rooms. 

BiTSR is better!

Great Features That Bring Us Together

Private Video Chat
Invitation only private rooms with up to 8 people - no unwanted visitors
Public Video Chat
Up to 50 viewers can watch
you do your thing
Screen Sharing
Share your camera roll, documents and web content
Personal Video Messages
Say "Hi" to your friends - whether they have the app or not
Recorded Videos
Save videos up to 1 minute long to share with the world
Unlimited Uses
Great for hanging out, study groups, team meetings - you decide how BiTSR makes it better

With BiTSR, even when we're apart, we can still be together.