What is BiTSR?
BiTSR stands for "Be in The Same Room". It's free and is available on [iTunes] and [Google Play].

BiTSR is a smartphone app designed for more authentic, interactive and personal communication. BiTSR gives you the best one-on-one and group video chat experience, and much more: screen sharing, Private and Public Rooms, recorded and shared video moments, "Say Hi" to all your friends with recorded personal video messages, and instant and scheduled rooms.
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What Can I Do With BiTSR?
  • Invitation-Only Private Video Chat - up to 8 people in a private room, and no unwanted visitors
  • Public Video Chat -  up to 50 viewers who can watch you do your thing
  • Personal Video Messages - say "Hi", "Congratulations", "Get well soon" or "Check this out" to your friends, family and followers
  • Recorded Videos - save videos up to 1 minute long to share with the world
  • Screen Sharing - share your camera roll, documents and web content
  • You Pick the Time - go live now or schedule a video chat
  • Text and Direct Messages - say it to the whole group or have a private conversation
  • Unlimited Uses - hangout with friends, study groups, team meetings - whatever you want!
Can I See More About BiTSR?
Sure! Watch this video.
How Do I Sign Up?
Once you install the app, enter your mobile number. You'll get a text with a short code - enter that code in the app and enjoy BiTSR!
If you don't receive a code, there's a good chance you didn't give us a valid mobile number - please check and try again.
Why Does BiTSR Ask Me To Share My Contacts?
BiTSR works better when you have other people in your life using the app with you - friends, family members, and contacts from work or school.

That way, you can get together for live video chats, and share recorded video content that others care about. You can also view what they want to share with you!  
What Are The Buttons on the Bottom of My Screen? (The Nav Bar)
On most screens in BiTSR you have five buttons.

Takes you to the Home Screen where you can watch live and recorded streams and view video messages left by your friends.


Lets you search for people and content.


Lets you start and schedule streams, record and publish public videos, and Say Hi by sending recorded Personal Video Messages.


Lets you search your contacts, groups, followers, and other BiTSR users. Also, a quick way to "Say Hi" by sending recorded Personal Video Messages to people you know.


All the other important stuff - your profile, your activity, notification settings and help/support.

Instant vs Scheduled Streams - What's the Difference?

Instant Streams

Like it says, this is how you Go Live instantly. It works for Public and Private Rooms. On the Nav Bar at the bottom of your screen, tap the round "Video" button, answer the prompts and select "Go Live".

Scheduled Streams

This feature allows you to plan and schedule a Private or Public Room.

On the Nav Bar, tap the round "Video" button answer the prompts and select "Schedule Stream". Then add the additional prompted pieces of information and tap "Done" at the top right.

Anyone you invite to a Scheduled Room will get an invitation.
Public and Private Rooms - What's the Difference?

Public Rooms

In a Public Room, you video chat and share your screen with any BiTSR user. Currently up to 50 users.

Private Rooms

In a Private Room, you video chat and share your screen with those you invite, such as your friends and followers. There is a limit of 8 people maximum in a private room (including you). Only people you invite can join your Private Room - no intruders!
Recording Videos - What Can I Save?

Recorded Moments

BiTSR allows you to record your and publish short (up to 60 seconds) videos for anyone to see.

When you are done recording your video, you can choose to save and publish it, or try again. If you save it, then the video will be viewable by anyone who uses BiTSR. You can always delete it later if you want - if so go to My Profile.

Private Rooms

Recording in Private Rooms is not currently supported. With BiTSR, private means private!

"Say Hi" - Personal Video Messages™

BiTSR allows you to record a Personal Video Message and send it to your Contacts, Groups and Followers. These messages are currently limited to a maximum of 20 seconds.

To "Say Hi" simply go to the "People" button on the Nav Bar (it's the smiley face icon). Select whomever you want to send a Private Video Message and tap "Create Video Message" at the bottom of the screen. Then be you and be awesome. Follow the prompts and send your video! Check back with BiTSR to see if they sent a message to you!
I Am in a Room - What Can I Do?

Public Rooms

You can hear and see what the host is saying and sharing. You can text for everyone to see, or send a direct message to anyone including the host, but you can't speak (because 50 people talking all at once would be chaos!).

Private Rooms

You can talk, text, and share your screen with everyone in the Room. And you can direct message one or more people in the Room.
Screen sharing - What Exactly Can I Share?
You can share your video camera, camera roll, web pages and even documents.
Screen sharing - Who Can Share?

Public Rooms

Only the host can share their screen.

Private Rooms

Anyone participating in a Private Room can share their screen. One at a time, or everyone at the same time. Let the sharing begin!
Search - How Do I Find Other People and Content On BiTSR?
On the Nav Bar, tap the "Search" icon. You can search for people by Name and User Name. You can also search for content (saved Public Rooms) by Stream Name, and see Live, Recent and Scheduled Streams.
How Do I View/Edit My Profile?
  • To view, on the Nav Bar tap More > My Profile.
  • To edit, tap More > My Profile > Edit.
  • To edit your profile picture, tap More > My Profile > Edit > Camera Button, then you can either select a picture from your phone or take a new one.
  • You can also delete any saved video via your Profile.
What is the Difference Between Contacts, Groups, Followers, Following, and Users?


These are people in your address book. You can "Say Hi" and send a Private Video Message to any of your Contacts. You can invite any of your contacts to a private chat.


These are groups of two or more contacts that you can create and edit - your family, your teammates, your co-workers, etc. Click on a group and with one tap you can invite everybody in the group to a Private Room, or Say Hi to everybody in the group with a recorded Personal Video Message.


These are BiTSR users that like you and the content you produce in BiTSR. They get notified of any Public Rooms you host - either Instant or Scheduled.

You can invite any Follower to a Private Room. You can, also, "Say Hi" and send a Private Video Message to any Follower.


These are BiTSR users that you follow. You get notified anytime they host a Public Room - either Instant or Scheduled. You cannot invite anybody you Follow to a Private Room unless they Follow you back .

If you want to Follow (or Unfollow) someone, just tap on their avatar and then tap "Follow" or "Following".


This the universe of all BiTSR users, whether you know them or not, or follow them or not.
How Can I "Like" Someone or Someone's Video?
If you want to let someone know you like them, or their video, just tap on the "heart" icon.
I'm Getting Too Many Notifications, What Can I Do?
Although notifications are designed to enhance your experience as a BiTSR user, we know that some people would prefer fewer notifications. If that's you, then in the Nav Bar tap the More "…" icon at the bottom right > Notifications and set up notifications to suit your preferences.
Blocking and Reporting - What If I See Behavior I Don't Like In A Room?


Are you just not into someone? Are they bothering you? Tap their Profile Icon > More (Gear icon) > Block.


Is someone posting highly objectionable material (for example nudity or offensive language)? Please "Report" them. Tap their Profile Icon > More (Gear icon - below and right of their profile pic) > Report > select the appropriate category. We'll take it from there.
Have a Great Idea? Want to Report an Issue?
BiTSR values honest feedback and suggestions from its users. Please open the app and tap the More "…" icon at bottom right > Help & Support > Suggestions, Bugs, Feedback
Notwithstanding any conflicting language in this FAQ, the relationship between BiTSR, Inc. (the “Company”) and its users is governed by the Company’s Privacy Policy, End User License Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy.